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Wood crusher in the processing of dry and wet raw materials when how to debug


    Many industries will be affected by the weather, wood crusher when the raw materials will also be affected by the weather, then the emergence of different raw materials, some of the use of wet wood processing, and some use of dry wood processing wood flour.
The use of wood dry and wet will directly affect the milling effect and yield of wood flour machine, the user is best to dry the wood or in the sun drying, and then crushed, so smashing effect will be better. Wood moisture is too large, in the wood powder machine work process, easy to plug the screen aperture, the next material is difficult to increase, causing equipment failure. Wood humidity is too large, long-term use will lead to damage to the machine rust, etc., so Huijie machinery manufacturers recommend that you in order to extend its service life, it is best to dry or dry wood. Wood moisture is too large, made of wood processing is not easy to degenerate.
Under normal circumstances, the wet wood in the processing time, after the hammer hit the wood texture is a fiber, there are fibers, it will affect the hammer work, the work efficiency will be low, the yield on A lot of small. The relative use of dry wood, then the middle of the fiber will be much less, hammer and blade hit the material will be very easy to be crushed, so that you can smash the wood more fine, you can achieve the requirements of production. If the wet wood with wood flour machine processing velvet, the effect is certainly better than the effect of dry wood, so the production of wood flour or depends on the type of raw materials.