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Wood crusher industry in the future to environmental protection as the main direction of development


    In view of China's emphasis on environmental protection, as well as the continuous expansion of market demand, timber mill industry prospects are very broad. At the same time, business transformation and upgrading, will also promote the wood mill industry better and faster development. With the furniture, home improvement, building materials and other wood products industry in recent years, the development of hot, wood shredders continue to increase demand. The whole wood shredder industry in China has a pivotal position.
     Now with the development of economic globalization, China's timber mill industry gradually with the international market, increased the development of the international market, out of the country to participate in international competition, for greater international market share, will be China's wood crusher Industry future development direction.
    Nevertheless, China's wood shredders production level than there is still a gap, so the reform of wood mill production technology is the industry's problems. China's wood shredder industry to really go to the world, we must absorb foreign advanced technology, combined with China's specific circumstances, take the road of self-development and innovation, the development of independent intellectual property rights of new products, enhance international competitiveness.
    In the future of the world's economic integration process, China will play a greater impact. Due to the high quality of labor in China, the labor price is cheap, China will become the world machinery industry center. China's wood crusher manufacturers are mostly intensive industries, mostly small and medium enterprises, can absorb a lot of labor, to create a clear price advantage of the export products. In the next period of time, China's wood crusher industry will continue to maintain a high growth rate forward, in the process, both the total production growth, but the more substantial changes will be from the industrial power Towards industrial power.