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Wood crusher should pay attention to the following problems in the process of using


1, in order to ensure the smooth wood crusher chassis, connecting the normal line, to start work, then do not rush to discharge, look at the destruction machine is not working properly, this time, to investigate the destruction of machine engine sound is not normal, the noise is not too large, is not too long, start time the conditions of the start current is not normal about detection and so on is not fit the parameters of the motor.
2, in the investigation of timber mill work completely under normal circumstances gradually start feeding, feeding time to survey the feed is not normal, investment time should pay attention to the stable equilibrium rate of wood and other wood blocks according to the degree of size and boring to resolution of feeding speed, such as water content is relatively high the wood into the rate is slower, actually we should take the wood to dry dry or drying in the future destruction.
3, to continue feeding safely is an important factor in determining the size of the work power. In the case of mechanical and environmental wood fixation, a steady feeding continues to increase the unit time value of the wood mill.
4, wood probably as far as possible drying, drying, water content too much wood directly affect the crushing power of wood crusher, this we have already analyzed before.
5, wood does not contain iron impurities should ensure that the pure stones, or blade, hammer crusher for wood drying net formed certain harm.