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Wood crusher stacking material should pay attention to the following items:


(1) in a wood pile, it is better to put together the same tree with similar germplasm. Made of reinforced concrete, brick, stone, or wood. Prevent rainwater from soaking wood. The top of the pile must be covered with wood, and it can be used when the quantity is low
(2) timber should be classified first, separately piled up, long wood placed outside the wood pile, short wood placed in the inside of the pile, the pile should be stacked at both ends, vertical up and down.
(3) the material piled up in the board house should be arranged according to the main wind direction, that is, the thin and easy material pile is placed on the windward side, the I and other thickness piles are placed on the lee side, and the thick and difficult wood piles are placed in the middle of the board house.
(4) the length of the material pile shall be parallel with the direction of the main wind.
(5) in order to make the air flow well in the wood dimension, the gap between the wood should be left in the accumulation, and the vertical air passage will form up and down. Relatively large material pile, the central dry slowly; the width of the gap should be gradually increased from both sides to the center, the width of the central gap should be 3 times the edge.
(6) low level can be sheet stacking method used between head, high grade softwood and hardwood, used to be buried, or face covering method, but also in the thick or lumber Swiss surface finishing and lime asphalt coating.
In the course of air drying, the change of water content in wood should be determined on time and the external condition of lumber shall be checked. Check and close the drying process according to the weight change of the inspection board. In the examination of external conditions, the end of the wood should be observed whether there is any sign of cracking, and attention to take measures to prevent cracking.