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Wood crushers need to master the safe operation


   There is no trivial matter in the safe production of wood crushers, especially when the operator is concerned about fatigue, but how can it ensure its safe production in the wood shredder production process?
Do not drink, sick or excessive fatigue when the boot operation, prohibit the rotation in the plane of the station within the station, resident. Wood crusher with rated speed, users do not arbitrarily improve the speed, is not allowed to run speed, is strictly prohibited to change the structure and performance of the machine. The knife should be fixed with high strength bolts. Do not use ordinary bolts. Do not open the case or guard in use. Do not check or troubleshoot the machine when it is running. Forbidden metal objects, stones and other hard objects into the wood crusher, the operation if abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking. Do not wear gloves, clothing to tight, clothes cuffs to tighten, long hair in the helmet, is strictly prohibited under the age of 18 and 60 years of age or people who are not familiar with the operation and safety norms alone. Operation, it is strictly prohibited to arm into the safety guard inlet and protective cover, are not allowed to remove the various parts of the protective device. Wood peeling machine workplace should be spacious, and equipped with fire protection device, are not allowed to clean up the job site.
Wood crusher before the start and shut down to do the circuit check to avoid leakage of the situation. The length of the wood must be moderate, not too long, 30 cm below the best, nor too thick. The outlet and the inlet are as spacious as possible to avoid some accidents; whether the motor shaft and the pulverizer shaft are parallel and check that the belt tightness is appropriate. And then this is the equipment before the start, the first hand to turn the rotor, check the operation is flexible and normal, there is no collision within the shell, the rotor is the correct direction of rotation, motor and pulverizer lubrication is good after the start after the first idle 2- 3 minutes.