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Wood machinery in the process of noise is too large, how to deal with?


   The noise effects of synthetic crushers, wood chip machines, and wood chopping machines are really annoying problems, but the problem can be dealt with. Here are some ways to reduce noise in woodworking operations:
   1, in all the damaged material was installed as wear-resisting rubber lining board.
   2, the transmission surface of the feeding plate and the feeding funnel cover the damping material with the shell of the machine frame, and the radiation area of the noise is reduced.
   3, between the wood chip machine and the support structure, the equipment has highly internal friction data as a pad to reduce the transmission of vibration.
   4, in the wood chip machine discharge mouth equipment noise passage, to avoid internal noise radiation.
   5. Carefully balance the rotating parts of the wood chip machine, reduce the gap between the taper sleeve and the eccentric shaft, and reduce the oscillation intensity below.