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Woodchips need to pay attention to adjust the tool


After using the woodchip tool for a certain period of time, it is easy to appear worn, or even damaged, then we need to make some changes to it to ensure the normal operation of equipment, in addition, under normal circumstances, for the tool Use, we only need proper maintenance and adjustment just like, do a good job of prevention, then we come to understand.
1, power, when you need to adjust the wood chip machine absolutely not live work, be sure to power off;
2, During the debugging process, all fixing devices should be fixed to prevent the loose or loose tools;
3, after the adjustment is completed, to clean the internal wood chip machine to avoid missing tools to cause damage to it;
4, after the adjustment of wood chip machine blades to be run by the empty machine, after confirming no fault, a small amount of feed, normal, the normal production.
Note: The tool needs to be adjusted according to the manufacturer's requirements, to use the regular manufacturers of knives, to avoid the blade price, the use of inferior knives.
Wood chip machine tool is not installed and debugging, must be set according to the device itself, when the process of adjusting the tool, there are some minor problems, then this time we need to be appropriate for different situations to determine and solve.