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25ton Gas Log Splitter-Full Beam
A good product for a fair price. Review by David in Evansville, Indiana

I just purchased this log splitter on April 24, 2015, so it's duability is yet to be seen. It appears to be built very solidly, and performed beautifully for me over the weekend. I was working primarily with an oak tree that had fallen in my yard. Some of the pieces were 24" in diameter, and very heavy. I placed the spliter in the vertical position in order to quarter the logs. The splitter had no trouble getting the job done, even though I had the engine throttled to only about 50%. Once the log was quartered, I flipped the splitter back to the horizontal position. I can't say enough about how well the log catchers work, and how glad I am that they were included - it makes the job so much easier not having to continually bend over. Again, durability is yet to be seen, but so far I am very pleased.

Good spliter for the money Review by Wes Shreve Ohio
Just bought my splitter and used it for 5 hours with no problems. Didn't want to start at first but it helps to turn the gas valve on! The wood I was splitting was oak and cherry and had no problem at all. The splitter works great in both positions which helps on the back with big logs doing it all on your own. And I like then Kohler engine very much.

Powerful machine!! Review by Indiana woodsman Indiana
Brought my splitter home yesterday from my local Rural King store. I ran it today for a couple of hours splitting big rounds of gnarly twisted sugar maple. It tore right through them with no problem. Plenty of power even at half throttle. Great machine!!

400lb. Steel Dump Cart
1.Better and expected
Got this trailer free with purchase of riding mower. It was shipped un-assembled in a deceivingly small but well-built cardboard box. The packaging was very well designed and all the parts inside were very well protected. All the hardware (screws, washers, nuts, etc) were enclosed in a transparent blister pack that had all the hardware well separated and identified. The assembly manual included was a well written, easy to understand, multi-page book that clearly showed each step of assembly and clearly indentified all the parts. Assembly time was about 1 1/2 hours, using simple hand tools. The finished product looks very nice (great paint job) and appears to be strong enough to haul its rated load (400 pounds). I do intend to make a removable 3/8” thick plywood liner for the bottom and sides so I won’t mess up the floor and sides when I haul pieces of broken concrete or cement blocks. I’ll make the sides of the plywood liner a foot taller so I can haul bigger loads of lightweight materials like yard waste or pine straw. For typical yard use, it should suit may needs very well.

2. Good and sturdy. Glad we got it
Bought this cart with a gift card from our daughter. Really liked the way the hardware was packaged. Made assembly very easy and organize and I didn’t lose any parts. LOL We used it to put extra firewood on the deck, next to the back door, for the upcoming ice storm. It worked great and held a lot. Filled it up and covered it so wood would stay dry. Very accessible and didn’t have to go and gather firewood.

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