Accessories For Log Splitter

  The log splitter is the special equipment for producing high-quality wood chips, which can evenly slice poplar, cedar, and other kinds of wood to meet different industries. The use of demand. Equipment to complete the slicing work can not be done without a variety of accessories to work with each other, below we will learn what its accessories are?

  Log splitter accessories include.

  Fly cutter, fly cutter pressure plate, bottom cutter, bottom cutter pressure plate, fly cutter screw, bottom cutter screw, bottom comb plate, cutter roller assembly, screen, feed roller, feed roller teeth, feed roller square shaft, locking inner and outer ring, locking device, bearing seat, bottom cutter seat, cutter roller spindle, beam, protective plate, large pulley, motor pulley, reducer assembly, motor, large cylinder, small cylinder, supporting rollers, etc.

  Generally speaking, log splitters are also divided into various kinds. And different kinds of products can be divided into a variety of specifications and models, mainly according to the actual needs of customers to produce. Therefore, there may be some differences in the accessories of different kinds, specifications, and models.