Analysis Of Overload Causes Of Performance Built Log Splitter

  Performance built log splitter is mainly used for splitting wood, but it is widely used in various industries due to its flexible performance. Sometimes overload phenomenon will occur after long-term use, causing machine failure and causing machine damage. Therefore, we should pay more attention to this phenomenon. The following is a specific introduction to the causes of overload phenomenon.

  1. The power supply voltage is too low: performance built log splitter operates under the condition of more than the rated voltage, and the current in the stator winding increases more, resulting in more temperature rise of the stator winding and overheating and burnout;

  2. Improper type selection: the actual load operating conditions does not match the type of machine selected;

  3. Mechanical failure: The bearing of the machine is seriously damaged. The stator and rotor rubs against each other to "sweep the chamber" or the impeller of the water pump is stuck by other impurities such as aquatic plants, which will cause the stator winding to burn out.

  The above three points are the reasons for the overload phenomenon of performance built log splitter. We can do a good job of inspection before starting up to ensure that the power supply voltage configuration conforms to the regulations and the machine model matches. If we want to do these well, we can solve the overload phenomenon.