Analysis Of The Working Principle Of A Chipper Shredder   

  The chipper shredder uses dual-machine wheels to crush the raw materials, which is an ideal substitute for the production of raw materials in the paper industry today. As the straw crusher has a wide range of applications and the material composition is filamentous, whether it is a conventional cooking process, or a modern blasting or cold pulping, it fully demonstrates the superiority in machinery of material processing in the papermaking industry. The wood chipper can be matched with a motor, diesel engine or 30-50 horsepower tractor. The main machine consist of a feeding mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a throwing mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a walking mechanism, a protective device, and a frame. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient movement, automatic feeding, safety, and reliability.

  Wood Shredder Performance Features:

  1) Compact structure, easy to assemble, easy to operate and maintain;

  2) It can be moved anywhere with a small footprint;

  3) Good chipping and crushing effect; low power consumption,

  4) Widely used in wood chip processing, particleboard, fiberboard and paper preparation sections of paper manufacturing enterprises, and can also be used by individual merchants to crush wood chips.

  Wood shredder equipment has been widely used in the power generation industry. It plays an important role in dozens of straw power plants under the major bio-power generation companies and is also widely used in papermaking, wood-based panels, and other industries.