Cnsuperpower Petrol Log Splitter Device Features

  1. The application of advanced technology, the offset feeding port is combined with the feeding teeth installed on the inner wall of the feeding hopper to assist the feeding, and the equipment uses frequency conversion technology. Once the rotor is overloaded, the feeding hopper It will rotate in the reverse, so the device never has to worry about jamming.

  2. Wide range of use, this equipment can be used for the crushing of large-diameter materials such as tree roots and waste furniture. It can also be used for crushing bales of straw. It is more suitable for crushing small-diameter wood and slab scraps. The advantage of high efficiency.

  3. Convenient maintenance, the hydraulic material box turning device can realize large-angle turning when the petrol log splitter needs maintenance, and the rotor part is exposed after the turning, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces manual use.

  4. Low production cost. The equipment uses a multi-knife rotor blade roller, which is more thorough and efficient in crushing materials. The reasonable arrangement and the use of advanced materials increases the life of the blade and reduce the production cost.

  5. The whole machine have a high degree of automation. This equipment realizes automatic control of all electrical components, which can realize remote wireless control by remote control, which reduces manual uses and also guarantees production safety.