Daily Maintenance Of Log Splitter

       No matter what the equipment is, it is inevitable to encounter some minor faults in the long-term use process, but if you ignore these faults and continue to use it, it will affect the overall efficiency and even make the machine strike, so in the daily use process, The log splitter should be maintained. Next, we will use this article to understand how to use the log splitter correctly and how to perform maintenance work to extend its life.

       After the log splitter stops feeding, the hot blast stove contained in it will continue to blow hot air into its internal system for about 20 minutes, so that the internal components contained in the integrated unit can be dried, and when the hot air stops, The operator needs to immediately close the outlet and inlet valves of the integrator to prevent cold air from entering the machine. It is necessary to clean and maintain the integrated device frequently when it is not in use. After all, it is often exposed to some dust and it is easy to rust and even get stuck by debris. In the daily inspection process, everyone needs to pay attention to the large diaphragm in the pulse valve of the log splitter. If it is damaged or aged, it must be replaced in time.

       About half an hour before the log splitter stops feeding, the operator must stop the ash and bipolar slap functions, and the log splitter hopper must maintain the original dust level. As an operator, you need to check the log splitter motor and the grease in the fuel tank frequently. If you find too little grease, you need to replenish it in time and clean the log splitter filter every half month to ensure the air inside. It can be kept unobstructed so that it can maintain its normal efficiency during use.

       If you find that the log splitter is obstructed during use, you must stop the machine to find out the cause. You can continue to use it only after the repair is completed. When the log splitter is not in use, you need to open its inspection door frequently to check the filter. Whether the bag is in a normal state, and whether the accumulation of dust on the surface is too much, and at the same time, find out the cause and eliminate the source of the failure. At the same time, add a certain amount of lubricating oil to the bearing, and insist on replacing it every other year. It is especially important to keep the surface of the log splitter and its controller clean so that its efficiency can be guaranteed during use.