Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Chipper Shredder

   Chipper Shredder is a piece of the important equipment in wood processing machinery, also known as Chipper Shredder, Chipper Shredder, Chipper Shredder and so on. The wood shredder is composed of a base, a cutter head, a drive shaft, a feed port, a cover, and an electronic control system. It can be said to be simple and not simple, the structure is stable, and it is durable. The following cnsuperpower machinery will explain the factors affecting the efficiency of the Chipper Shredder:
  1. The general process of wood chip processing in wood chip processing plants. After the eucalyptus trees are transported from the mountain to the factory building, from the wood peeling machine to the woodwork machine, the raw wood is put into the groove peeling machine with large mechanical equipment. The peeler uses the unique force generated by the rotor to circulate in the slot plate of the silo and makes the rotary motion around the axis of the wood segment itself, and irregular beats. At this time, the friction, impact and squeezing between the wood segment and the tooth, the wood segment, and the wood segment, and the wood segment and the bin continued, and the bark quickly separated.
  2. The separated wooden roller enters the feeding device from the conveyor belt, and then enters the wood machine. The feeding device sends the wood to the disc shredder and the wood from the feeding port. When the wood is in contact with the cutting blade, as the cutting tool head rotates at a high speed, the cut wood chips are sent into the area where the wood chips are stacked by the high-speed steam flow generated by the air blade on the cutting tool head.
  3. Wood humidity: In general, it is recommended that the wood was dried for several days after cutting and then peeled. Also, the season affects the rate of peeling. Generally, the peeling rate is 95% in summer and 80% in winter.
  4. Wood bending: Because the wood machine uses the unique force generated by the rotor with stripped teeth, the wood part of the material repeats the repeated movement away the material, making the wood section and teeth, wood section, wood section, wood section and groove constant. The high peeling effect is achieved between friction, impact, extrusion, and rapid bark separation so that the bending of the wood should not be too large. To prevent the wood from being separated, because it cannot contact the teeth, the curvature is generally allowed to be 8%.