Fineness Adjustment Of The Log Splitter

i. Use of wood splitters

      A log splitter is a machine that crushes large solid materials to the required size. The crusher consists of coarse crushing, fine crushing, wind power conveying and other devices to achieve the purpose of the crusher in the form of high-speed impact. The use of wind energy to produce powder in one go eliminates the traditional screening process. It is mainly used in various industries such as mining and building materials.

     Large crusher (with the same crushing fineness under the premise of higher output equipment) is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower, refractory materials, iron and steel and other industries of mineral materials crushing processing.

  Small crusher (with the same crushing fineness under the premise of lower output equipment) is mainly used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, greening, sanitation, and other industries of the material crushing processing.

  Coarse crusher is mainly used in various industries for crushing pre-treatment operations, its function is mainly to process larger diameter materials (5-10cm) to smaller diameter granular materials (diameter of 5-10mm).

  Crushers are mainly used in medium-fine crushing operations in various industries and their role is to process granular materials to the required diameter of medium-fine powder for subsequent processing or as finished products.

  It is mainly used in most of the industries to crush the material again to reach the required material diameter, mainly used in the processing of raw materials for high-end products.

  The types of wood splitting machines can be roughly divided into three types: counter-roller, hammer-blade, and blade type.

  1, the roller wood splitting machine, is for the hard material crushing, generally crushed into powdered wood processing of the first process, with high production capacity, low power, easy to adjust and other advantages.

  2、The hammer piece wood splitting machine, is the use of the crushing bin in the high-speed rotation of the hammer piece to crush the material of mechanical equipment, with a simple structure, wide applicability, high production efficiency features.

  3、Blade splitting machine, is the use of the crushing bin of the blade group of high-speed rotation of the material to cut a kind of crushing wood equipment, this equipment is small in size, high fineness of crushing, production is outstanding.

ii. Fineness adjustment of the log splitter

The fineness adjustment of the log splitter is very important, just like we adjust the fineness of the corn core is not the fineness we want, so the material produced cannot produce the kind of goods we need, which directly affects the business. In the production process, to do a good job in the fineness of the wood splitting machine adjustment, do not be sloppy. In order to properly adjust the fineness of a log splitter, the first thing to understand is the fineness unit of the wood splitter. Today, I want to tell you that the unit of fineness of the wood splitter is the "grid". The units of the wood splitter are: between 30 mesh and 500 mesh. We can adjust it within that. We use different items to make the fineness of the broken material different, but for wood splitters. The crushing fineness requirement is also said to be important for crushing efficiency and yield. If we need to crush the material more finely, the output of the branch will be reduced, because the finer the crushing, the more time consuming it will be. As a result, production generally goes down, but everyone can only relax within reason and it doesn't affect our productivity. The yield of a wood splitter is inversely proportional to its fineness, as is the volume of air and fineness. If the branch has too little airflow, the branch is easy to spray. Usually, the branch passes. Adjust the air volume to change the size of the branch. We need to adjust the fineness of the branch. First, loosen the screws on the branch fineness analyzer. As we adjust upward, the fineness goes up. When we tone it down, the fineness goes down. After we adjust the desired fineness, we can tighten the screws and complete the fineness adjustment of the wood splitter.