Forest King Log Splitter Operation Precautions

  1. Adjusting the flying knife and pedknife: Adjust the flying knife with the help of the blade adjustment board of the Forest King Log Splitter so that the blade of the flying knife is in the same vertical plane after installation. The gap is 1-3mm, and the screen can be replaced by 2-20mm. After the blade is adjusted, the screws must be fastened firmly, the screen must be placed on the flat iron in the casing, and the screen interface must be relatively tight. When the machine is in operation, the material should be fed at the speed of the machine. Do not force the material, otherwise, it will damage the motor or crash (dangerous).

  2. Adjusting the belt: it can be adjusted so as not to slip, not too tight.

  3. Test machine and operation: Before starting, you must adjust all parts, check whether the bolts on each part are tightened, especially pay attention to whether the blade is installed firmly. When turning on the machine, press the start button. After the cutter head rotates, check whether the rotation direction is correct. From the feeding direction, the cutter head should rotate clockwise.

  After starting, perform a no-load operation. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the parts and components of the machine are loose and eliminate them. After the no-load test machine is normal, cut it again.

  Depending on the model of the machine and the size of the feed inlet, if there is a raw material with a large diameter or a large curvature, it is necessary to split or shorten the raw material before entering the machine. Do not force feed with iron, let alone feed by hand.