Forest King Log Splitter To Take Good Care Of

  Forest king log splitter conservation to be in place.

  1、Anti-corrosion performance; the anti-corrosion performance of forest king log splitter is a must. The rust prevention can reduce the number and frequency of machine lubrication.

  3、Oil seal; the oil seal is the defense system that separates the lubricant from the external pollution and is also the defense system of the forest king log. The splitter is an indispensable barrier during operation, preventing any debris or moisture from penetrating the bearings. resulting in damage to it.

  Straw mill 2, forest king log splitter equipment stability; the key is equipment The installation of the machine, the stability of the machine, the stability of the equipment is not enough, the operation of the machine can cause the structural characteristics of the soap of grease. Mechanical disintegration leads to damage to the grease, which in turn loses its lubricating effect.

   Cnsuperpower reminds users of the effective maintenance of forest king log splitter, the machine in the There are a few things to keep in mind when installing the forest king log splitter, which is installed on the Tighten the footing screws on the concrete foundation and seal the mutual interface of the fan, duct and aggregate cylinder in the striking section.