How Should The Petrol Log Splitter Was Stored

  If you have a petrol log splitter, but you don't need it for a long time, then proper storage can effectively extend the life of the machine. Today we will introduce you to the specific storage method of a petrol log splitter.

  1. Should be parked in a dry room. If you have to step outside, you should choose a flat floor and put the wood. Cover it with a cover after parking.

  2. Before long-term storage, the petrol log splitter must be repaired, repaired, damaged, and thoroughly cleaned to maintain good technical condition.

  3. In the arrangement and arrangement of the airport, it should be ensured that the entry and exit of any one machine is not affected by other machinery.

  4. The petrol log splitter's fuel levers should be placed in the idle position and the joysticks placed in the neutral position.

  5. Storage of the engine.