How The Petrol Log Splitter Is Inspected For Circuit Maintenance

  At the initial stage of the test run, petrol log splitter should select a few strips of straight raw materials within the processing range of 2-4 meters according to the different models of small, medium and large, and try to avoid using special hardwood, oversized diameter and overly curved raw materials for the test run.

  1, the equipment should be placed smoothly, the installation direction should be determined according to the actual situation of the site and raw materials, generally small size models without making Foundation, the user can directly power on the trial use. For medium-sized and larger equipment, the foundation of the mainframe and the footings of the feeding and discharge conveyor systems must first be made according to the foundation drawings provided by the manufacturer. Then the factory sent professional technicians to guide the installation.

  2, before use, first according to the instruction manual to check the circuit, oil to confirm whether the safety connection, each chain, the triangle belt and transmission mechanism of the tension of the general condition of the equipment has been adjusted at the factory or by the factory installers in the field adjustment, the user in the future use of the process to be frequently checked.

  3, the blade is alloy steel products, after a long time of use, if there is wear and tear or change the angle, can loosen the blade of the fastening screws, remove the blade for grinding and adjustment, excessive wear and tear should be replaced with new blades of similar specifications.

  4, access to power from the switch box or switch cabinet access to 380V three-phase power, first of all, check the periphery of the equipment to see if there are debris and branches affect the operation and operation, power to determine the direction of rotation of the feed rollers so that the equipment empty running for about 5 minutes, pay attention to listening and observation of equipment with or without abnormalities.