How To Adjust The Size Of Chipper Shredder

  Generally, the particle size of the jet mill can be adjusted by changing the feed rate of the chipper shredder. When the rate is reduced, finer particles can be produced. Since each particle has more energy to accelerate the impact and fragmentation, this principle is of course easy to understand. Provide greater power and become an ambassador for increased impact crushing, and you can also get a finer grain size, which is the prerequisite for energy consumption.

  Some products require high levels of crushing energy to be crushed. The chipper shredder can improve crushing characteristics and increase pressure, temperature, airflow control, etc. The shape factor will also increase the temperature and change the material. All control of particle size also needs to consider the physical and chemical properties of the material.

  Properly adjust the output power of the diameter grinder. Some particles must be processed with low resonance, which requires multiple collisions. Therefore, when the resonance increases with each collision, the particle velocity is given lower energy. On the other hand, to reduce particle realization, the particle velocity must be increased.

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