How To Avoid Frequent Replacement Of Log Splitter Parts

  The materials that can be processed by the log splitter equipment are the ubiquitous waste wood waste, waste furniture, waste wood board, wood processing leftover corner waste, branches, etc. These materials are eliminated and no one uses waste materials. Through log Splitter equipment is recycled and processed to produce sawdust. These sawdusts are also very useful. These sawdusts can be machined into biomass fuel for power plant combustion, or daily fuel, with high utilization rate, easy storage, and hygienic use; also It can be used for edible fungus cultivation, papermaking, etc., providing a good basis for occupations.

  The log splitter equipment is reasonably planned and can withstand high-strength impact loads. In the process of use, components such as beating, impact, and other elements will cause wear or deformation of parts. This is inevitable. So how to avoid the frequency of replacement of these parts? Now let me introduce:

  1. It should be average when adding materials. The feed size is based on the hardness of the materials. The diameter of hard materials should not exceed three centimeters. It is strictly forbidden for metal hard blocks to enter the feed opening.

  2. In the process of application, the motor load should not be overloaded, and the motor should continue to operate normally.

  3. Check the wear sequence of the blade and the grinding plate frequently. If the blade grinding plate is found to be severely worn, it should be changed in time.

  4. When the edges and corners of the hammer blade of the log splitter equipment are worn, the angle can be changed and turned four times and can be repaired and reused by high-chromium electrode welding.

  Log splitter requires regular repair and maintenance. If there is a problem, then you will truly realize how important daily repair and maintenance are.