How To Better Operate Chipper Shredder Equipment

  Wood shredder is a new type of woodwork machinery ideal of the production of wood flour. He can process wood, branches and other raw materials into sawdust at one time, which has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, convenient use, and maintenance. The sawdust wood chip pulverizer is particularly suitable for the processing of wood chips in the edible fungus culture medium and mainly consists of a chip shaving device, a pulverizing device, and a fan. After the wood chip is cut by the chipping device, the particle size of the wood chip is small, and it can be sent to the crushing device for further pulverization without drying.

  First, the correct operation of the chipper shredder process. Before using the chipper shredder, make a comprehensive inspection of the technical condition of each part of the equipment, and there is no abnormal normal startup operation. When starting work, realize that the equipment is idling for 1-2min, check that there is no abnormal operation, and start the normal feeding processing operation. When adding materials, it must be carried out at a uniform speed, not too often. This has an impact on the discharge and the wear of the blades of the crushing chamber is different.

  Second, the size of the material. The maximum allowable amount of materials added by different models of the chipper shredder is different, so when processing and production, you must know the maximum diameter of the inlet of the chipper shredder.

  Third, ensure safe production. A protective fence should be set up at the transmission place. The operator should stand on the feeding side. Do not stand on the two ends of the grinder. The sleeves of clothes must be tied. Long hair should be coiled into the working cap. Before the materials enter the hopper, the iron nails, stones, and other debris should be removed to avoid damage to the machine. During the feeding process, if the feed port is blocked, do not clean it by hand. Stop the blockage to clear the blockage. The motor power should be cut off before troubleshooting. Pyrotechnics are prohibited from the job site, and it is forbidden to increase the output by increasing the speed.