How To Clean The Accessories Of Log Splitter

The log splitter is used to process wood chips. In the process of processing, it is inevitable that wood chips will be generated. We will also clean the surface of the equipment after normal use, but in fact, there are many places inside the equipment that need to be cleaned. Some internal accessories do not need to be cleaned every day in normal use, but they also need to be cleaned regularly. Let's take a look at how to clean them.
1. It can be used for cooking and washing. First, you need to prepare the solution needed for cleaning, and then put the accessories to be cleaned in the cleaning pool, heat it to about 80 degrees Celsius, and cook and wash for 3-5 minutes. The accessories are cleaned and the accessories can also be sterilized.
2. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used. Under the combined action of the chemical action of the cleaning agent and ultrasonic vibration, the oil stains on the log splitter accessories will be cleaned up.
3. The method of vibration cleaning is also more convenient. Put the accessories to be cleaned in the vibration cleaning machine, and then add an appropriate amount of cleaning liquid. The vibration of the cleaning machine can gradually remove the oil stains.
4. It can be directly scrubbed, put the accessories into the container with diesel oil and kerosene, and then use cotton yarn to scrub it clean. This method is relatively simple to operate, but it is not suitable for large-scale processing, otherwise it will require more manpower. of.
5. The cleaning solution can be directly sprayed on the surface of the parts to remove oil stains. Generally, the oil stains are more serious and need to be cleaned by this method. The effect of using is much better than the cleaning effect of immersing in water.
The above is the cleaning method of log splitter accessories. We should not ignore the cleaning problem when using it. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will greatly affect our production efficiency.