How to install the hydraulic oil of the chipper?

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The operation of the chipper is inseparable from hydraulic oil, which is consumed during use. At this point, we need to consider changing the hydraulic oil. So, how to install the hydraulic oil of the chipper? The following is the relevant process.​​

1. Shut down and cut off the power supply of the electrical system, and wait for the oil temperature to drop.​​

2. Slowly loosen the air filter of the oil filler flange assembly on the upper part of the chipping oil tank, reduce the air pressure stored in the oil tank, and remove the air filter.​​

3. Prepare a container larger than 800L, and use an oil filter trolley to extract the hydraulic oil through the air filter hole.​​

4. Open the oil drain plug at the bottom of the chipper oil tank and drain the remaining oil completely.​​

5. Remove the fuel tank cleaning cover flange.​​

6. Remove the rubber hose and flange of the oil suction port of the chipper, and remove the oil suction filter.​​

7. Clean the inside of the fuel tank.​​

8. Clean the oil suction filter and stress the new installation.​​

now. There are many ways to deal with waste wood. A chipper, for example, can handle twigs and twigs in addition to waste wood. Its output can reach 0.8 tons to 15 tons per hour. The main features of this machine are high efficiency and simple operation. The processed material has a wide range of uses. In addition to being used as fuel, it can also be used to protect the roots of flowers and trees in flower shops. It can be used as heat preservation in winter to ensure that flowers and trees survive the winter. Other sawdust can be used as fertilizer after being mixed with manure and fermented, which is rich in nutrients, green and environmentally friendly, and can be used as a simple soilless cultivation material.​​

The wood is fed from the feeding port of the chipper. When the wood touches the cutting blade, it is cut with the high-speed rotation of the cutting head. The cut wood chips are cut by the high-speed steam flow generated by the blade on the cutting head. Indoor delivery.​​

In order to meet the cooking requirements of chemical wood pulp and various high-yield chemical wood pulp, and meet the production requirements of wood chip refining. Logs, branches or husks should be sliced, and the length, thickness and order of the slices should be consistent. The specifications of wood chips are generally: 15~20mm long and 3~5mm thick. Although the width is not limited, it is not expected to exceed 20mm. The qualified rate of logs and wood chips should be greater than 85%, and the qualified rate of veneer should be greater than 75%. By adjusting the gap size of the bedknife, the length of the wood chips can reach the size required by the user.​​

The above is the installation method of the hydraulic oil of the chipper. The replacement of hydraulic oil with this equipment should follow a certain process, and in addition, when replacing hydraulic oil, it should be replaced according to the model. Editor: Chihiro