How To Maintain Petrol Log Splitter's Hammerhead

  During the use of petrol log splitter, we will find that many problems occur to its components. Once a component fails or has problems, the efficiency of the equipment will be affected, while the failure of the equipment will be directly caused. Hammer's head is one of the components. It mainly plays the role of crushing materials and stones in the equipment. If there is a problem with this component, the equipment may have to be shut down for repair, indirectly slowing down the construction progress. Therefore, attention should be paid to the maintenance of a hammerhead during normal use.

  1. Improving the wear resistance of the petrol log splitter hammerhead can reduce the repair time, reduce the repair cost and improve the operation rate.

  2. The hammerheads used for manufacturing the equipment are mostly high manganese steel containing 12%-14% manganese and chromium-containing wear-resistant alloy steel. When crushing hard materials, a layer of hard table gold or a layer of thin manganese steels the sheet can be welded on the surface of the hammerhead to protect the hammerhead.

  3. Because the center of gravity of the hammerhead is far from the suspension center, the effect of crushing materials is good. After one side is worn, the other side can be replaced and used continuously.

  Regular maintenance and maintenance of petrol log splitter is very important, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of problems of the source and prolong its service time if it is maintained according to the correct method. Of course, don't forget to check whether the internal parts of the equipment are seriously worn or aged, and replace them in time instead of turning a blind eye. This will only make it difficult to use and increase maintenance costs.