How To Operate Chipper Shredder Safely

  Operation method:

  1. Turn on the chipper shredder, check whether the operation is normal, according to the size of the cable diameter, when feeding, enter the corresponding feeding hole in turn;

  2. For the long-term durability of the blade, the rubber-plastic cable joint should be cut off when feeding to avoid the blade gap from collapsing;

  3. If there is too deep and broken wire after feeding, pay attention to the following conditions:

  (1) Adjust the tightness of the spring pressure on both sides of the chipper shredder feed file, that is, the blade shaft;

  (2). Check whether the position of the feed hole is misaligned when the chipper shredder feeds;

  (3) If the blade is new and the blade is too sharp, use a sharpening stone to trim it slightly until it is moderate.

  4. After the chipper shredder is fed, the skin has been peeled off, but the copper wire cannot be exposed. There are mainly the following situations:

  (1) The knurling of the upper shaft is too deep, the upper shaft should be polished with a grindstone, but not too much. Excessive grinding will easily cause the oil cable to be difficult to drive;

  (2) Whether the spring pressure of the chipper shredder is too loose, the pressure should be tightened;

  (3) The wire diameter is too small, or the gap between the upper and lower shafts is too large, adjust the gap between the two shafts appropriately;

  (4) The processed cable has been heated, and the copper wire will not be exposed easily.

  5. After feeding the chipper shredder, if the rolling gear cannot drive the cable past, but the material stays in the middle, there are the following situations:

  (1). Check whether the belts of each gear of the chipper shredder are loose;

  (2) Check whether the spring pressure on both sides of the chipper shredder is too tight and there is no top force, so the pressure should be relaxed;

  (3) The cable is too oily and causes the two shafts to slip. The two shafts should be cleaned frequently.

  The above is the safe operating procedures of the chipper shredder. The chipper shredder is very practical and the price is not expensive. As long as you know the specific operation of the chipper shredder, you can quickly put it into production.