Chipper blade adjustment method

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The chipper is a special equipment for producing wood chips, and the chips produced are widely used in paper making, particle board, medium fiber board, etc. The main raw material is logs. How to correctly use and adjust the equipment blade, is to ensure the normal operation of the wood production of important work, the next follow the Xiaobian detailed knowledge of it.

1, the user in the installation of equipment before, should check the quality of the chipper blade, carefully check the blade edge and other parts before acceptance. Also need to carry out the equipment idling test. During operation, the working condition of the components should be carefully checked, the stability of the machine, the sensitivity of the switch and the combination of various components should be observed, and sufficient lubricant should be injected into the machine before the wood chipper can be tested and used.

2、If the distance between the cutting knife and the fixed knife of the chipper is not well controlled, the moving knife will collide or bite with the fixed knife during use, which is very dangerous for production and will have a certain impact on the equipment itself, which needs to be adjusted before manual rotation and debugging. Or the flying knife and the bottom knife sharpening to add coolant to prevent the knife edge overheating burn or occurrence of rolled edge phenomenon. In the fastening equipment flying knife and bottom knife, the use of accurate torque torque wrench and torque increaser, according to the rules torque value fastening, in order to effectively improve the work of equipment.

The above is the chipper blade adjustment method is introduced, hope to deepen your understanding of the equipment, and can achieve good results through reasonable application.