Chipper structure and working principle

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With the continuous development of chipper, it has played an ideal role in industrial production, and the product has improved the efficiency and high degree of mechanization and automation. In order to let you know it better, this issue to understand its working principle knowledge.

The chipper is mainly composed of the machine base, cast steel blade, alloy blade (blade is mounted on the blade), inlet, outlet housing and motor or diesel engine. To meet the production requirements of wood chip grinding. Logs, branches or outer bark should be sliced, and the length, thickness and order of the sliced wood should be the same. Therefore, the wood of the chipper is fed from the inlet, and when the wood is pressed into contact with the chipping blade, it is chipped with the high-speed rotation of the chipper blade, and the chipped wood chips are sent out in the chipping chamber by the high-speed steam flow generated by the wind blade on the chipping blade.

In order to adapt to the chemical pulp and various high yield chemical pulp cooking needs, as well as to meet the production needs of wood chip mill pulp. Logs, branches or bark are chipped, and the chipped wood is required to be of uniform length, thickness and neatness.

The chipper can adjust the chipping blade as needed to produce wood chips of different specifications and thickness. We understand the working principle of the equipment information, in order to use the equipment to be more convenient and fast.