Is the chipper disc or drum better?

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The main cutting materials of the chipper are peeled small-diameter wood, bamboo, veneer, and leftover wood from felling. Chipping equipment can be divided into two categories according to the mechanical structure: disc chipping equipment with cutting knives mounted on a disc, and drum chipping equipment with cutting knives mounted on a cylindrical drum. In order to let everyone fully understand the difference between the two, the following content is organized:

1. Disc chippers are divided into three types: general, multi-knife and spiral chippers. There are two kinds of feeding methods for these three chipping equipment: inclined feeding and flat feeding. The chipping of long logs is generally fed by flat mouth, and the shavings of short logs and slabs can be fed by oblique or flat mouth. Disc chippers are mainly used for cutting logs, and the quality of wood chips is better, so they are widely used in pulp and paper mills.

2. The flying knife of the drum chipper is installed in the radial direction of the drum, and the direction of the cutting force changes with the position of the flying knife. The feeding chute is rectangular, with small height, low accumulation of raw materials, and more uniform cutting; there is a forced feeding device. The flying knife cuts wood intermittently, and the drum wheel is axially long. It has wide adaptability to wood species and can be used for various wood such as boards and skins.

The above briefly introduces the disc type and drum type of chippers, hoping to help you choose a satisfactory product. If you have other questions, you can pay attention to our website and we will update it at any time.