The application of chipper in forest area

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We understand that chipper is a kind of equipment for chipping wood, which can be widely used in textile, paper making, pulp making and artificial board, etc. In order to deepen your understanding of it, we will understand the use of equipment in forest area.

For branches with a diameter of 80mm or more, they are usually transported to the plant by car and processed with drum chipping equipment. The universal chipper is powered by motor, which provides easy operation, stable operation and good quality of wood chips. It is widely used in the production of paper, fiberboard or MDF. For diameter 40-80 mm, the cost of long-distance transportation to the mill is high due to the irregular shape and the small transport capacity per vehicle during transportation.

Therefore most of the small branches are abandoned in the harvesting area, resulting in a waste of resources. In the cutting area, where branches are scattered, roads are simple and difficult, and power resources are scarce, small chippers are used that allow for manual collection of small branches, which are then chipped, packed and stacked before being transported to the production plant. Therefore the branch drum chipper used in the cutting area requires small size, low power, flexible movement on the cutting road, and is suitable for processing branch material with a diameter of 40-80 mm.

The above is the use of chipper in the forest area, if you want to know more related knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to our website dynamic updates, thank you for reading.