Learn About The Daily Maintenance Of Petrol Log Splitter

  Periodic maintenance of petrol log splitter is a compulsory course. Product maintenance can ensure its normal use, and also ensure the safety and service life of the product. This indirectly leaves us a large sum of money. . Don't make a fuss! An overhaul can bring us great benefits. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and check petrol log splitter near you!

  1. First check the power outlets, plugs, and power cords for any oxygen detachment and breakage. If not, you can plug in the power test machine.

  2. When the motor does not turn on when the power is turned on, and the wheel can be rotated by lightly turning the wheel, it may be caused by the failure of one of the two starting capacitors of the machine. In this case, it is generally only replaced with a new product.

  3. Another situation is that the power does not rotate, and it can rotate around the application of external force, but a weak current sound is generated in the motor, which is caused by a slight leakage of the starting capacitor. If the current is too loud, the motor cannot start, which may be caused by a short circuit of the starting capacitor.

  In the absence of a proper instrument, you can first remove the capacitor, wipe the two leads into line jack of the mains to charge the capacitor, and then take off and short-circuit the two leads. If the discharge spark is loud and loud at this time, it means that the capacitor can be used.

  If the sparks and sounds are faint, it means that the capacitance of the capacitor has decreased, and it needs to be replaced with a new one or a small capacitor will be added. If the capacitor is damaged and short-circuited, this method cannot be used, and it should be replaced with a new product of the same specification.