Log Splitter Or Chipper Shredder, Which Is Better For You?

  Chipper shredders and wood chippers are large outdoor power tools designed to reduce the amount of waste in parks and gardens and make disposal easy.

  They are especially useful to gardeners, horticulturalists, and arborists (tree surgeons) in areas where it is illegal to dispose of garden waste through landfill dumping or open burning. The output from chipper shredders and shredders can be recycled for use in paving walks, flower beds, and composting.

  Knowing the difference between a chipper shredder and a log splitter is an important first step in purchasing. If you're buying a chipper shredder or shredder for commercial use, make sure they're made of heavy-duty materials—those are more durable than buying household materials. Also, consider how often the machine is used and where it is stored.

  1. chipper shredder

  A tree chipper or chipper shredder is a machine used to cut wood (usually branches or trunks) into smaller pieces. They are usually portable, mounted on wheels on a frame suitable for towing in the back of a truck or van.

  Chipper shredders come in many different sizes and styles, but their basic function is always the same. The wood is fed into a chute, and blades inside the chipper break up the solid chips into pieces 1 to 3 inches long. The chip is then ejected from the machine. Some models are equipped with a dustbin for collecting wood chips. chipper shredder works equally well on fresh and dry wood. Branches can be fed while the leaves are still attached. The size of logs and branches that can be fed through a chipper depends on the size of the chipper shredder and the type of components inside it.

  2. log splitter

  At first glance, the log splitter looks like a small chipper shredder. They have a chute for feeding material in and an opening for discharging material. Internally, the log splitter has semi-blunt blades, called flails, that break up small pieces of organic material. Many shredders can choose the size of the finished product. This flail system mashes and chops items, producing small pieces that can then be composted or used as mulch.

  Due to the small size of the engine and the most blunt flails, the log splitter has no power or energy to break large branches. They are most useful for small open spaces, home gardeners, and those with leaves and twigs to chop. The smallest type of log splitter has a nylon cutting cord inside instead of a metal flail.

  Shredders work in the same way as weeders except that the strings are vertical and attached to the central drum. They work only on leaves and other soft materials and are often referred to as "mulch" or "compost" shredders. They are not considered log splitters because they cannot handle hard stuff of any kind.