Maintenance And Protection Of Petrol Log Splitter

  Generally speaking, mechanical equipment has a certain service life. If you usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, you will be able to use it for many more years. What problems do you usually pay attention to?

  As soon as the petrol log splitter starts production, the internal fragile parts start to wear, such as blades, bearings, belts, and other parts, but these parts can greatly extend the service life if we operate normally in strict accordance with production requirements, but we While strictly following the normal production operation, also pay attention to maintenance and maintenance work. After each work, the blade must be checked once to see if it is worn excessively. The bearing should be filled with lubricant once every 300 hours, and the quality of the lubricant should be selected as much as possible. Better because only good quality lubricants can continuously protect the bearings and reduce wear; the belt is a transmission. If the power of the wood splitter is insufficient, check whether the belt is intact; take a few minutes to check carefully after the end of the day's production operations Whether the internal parts of the device are loose. If it is loose, tighten it.

  If you want to save time and trouble, pay more attention to maintenance, and pay attention to operation and maintenance. Only in this way can you reduce the damage of vulnerable parts and the probability of failure of the petrol log splitter.