Performance Improvement In Performance Built Log Splitter

  Performance The clogging of the Performance Built Log Splitter is one of the common faults of the use of the Log Splitter. There may be problems of the design of the Log Splitter, but it is more caused by improper operation.

  (1) The feeding speed is too fast, the load increases, causing a blockage. During the feeding process, pay attention to the large deflection angle of the pointer to the ammeter at any time. If it exceeds the rated current, it indicates that the motor is overloaded. If it is overloaded with a long time, it will burn out the motor. In this case, the material door should be reduced or closed immediately. The feeding method can also be changed, and the feeding amount can be controlled by increasing the feeder. There are two types of feeders: manual and automatic. The user should choose the appropriate feeder according to the actual situation. Because of the high speed of the Log Splitter, the load is large, and the fluctuation of the load is strong. Therefore, the current when the Log Splitter works is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current.

  (2) The discharge pipe is not smooth or the feed is blocked too fast, which will block the air outlet of the Log Splitter; improper matching with the conveying equipment may cause the discharge pipe to weaken or block the wind after there is no wind. After finding out the fault, you should first clear the delivery port and change the mismatched conveying equipment, and adjust the feed volume to make the equipment operate normally.