Petrol Log Splitter Improves Leaf Utilization

  Petrol Log Splitter is a kind of mobile crushing equipment developed for garden companies, property departments and demanders of wood crushing. Petrol Log Splitter is a kind of cutting and smashing equipment for branches and branches. It belongs to the technical field of garden appliances. It is an agricultural machine that can shred garden branches and agriculturally grown foliage plants such as corn, cotton, rice, and wheat. Pruning residual branches of fruit farms, forest farms, tea farms, nurseries, gardens, etc., due to convenient operations, can also be applied to the crushing of residual branches, branches, leaves, bark, and rattan in large communities, parks, colleges, enterprises, and institutions. The branches and leaves are easy to rot and can be used as organic fertilizer for tree root cultivation or agricultural field reuse. It can also achieve the goals of energy conservation and environmental protection and reduce the potential for fire hazards. It is favored by large agricultural households, pastures, gardens and other units.

  The Petrol Log Splitter can not only save transportation costs, reduce the accumulation of branches, and purify the environment, but also the shredded leaf fragments can be used for the production of organic fertilizers, soil improvement or pulp or artificial board production. The Petrol Log Splitter includes a frame, a diesel engine, and a branching device located inside the frame. The diesel engine drives the cutter head in the branching device to rotate around a high speed through a belt. The large piece of material hits the leaves and leaves by centrifugal force to achieve the purpose of crushing the leaves and leaves until the leaves and leaves are broken and discharged from the outlet under the rack.

  In recent years, the power of Log Splitters has quietly risen, not only greatly changing the previous mode of manual waste disposal, faster processing of leaves and branches, saving costs, is an inevitable development trend. The Petrol Log Splitter has important significance and necessity to improve the utilization rate of branches and leaves, save resources and beautify the environment.