Reason Analysis Of Log Splitter Vibration

  Log splitter, also known as a wood slicer, is special equipment for producing high-quality wood chips. It can cut all kinds of logs such as pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir, etc., and Moso bamboo into uniform pieces. It can also be used for board bark, veneer, bamboo branch, corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed, and another non-wood fiber stalk, And other materials for slicing processing.

  It is normal for us to occasionally vibrate when we use the log splitter. If the vibration often occurs and the vibration is large, it is worth our attention. We need to check whether it is due to the internal components of the log splitter or what is wrong. Vibration is caused by the problem.

  At present, we have summarized the following situations that cause log splitter vibration:

  1. The stop valve is not closed, and the handle of the hand oil pump is in the oil return position so that the hydraulic system is out of oil.

  2. The oil pressure-charged into the log splitter cylinder is not enough, and the oil pressure is lower than the air pressure, and the accumulator does not work.

  3. The nitrogen pressure in the accumulator is insufficient or the pressure is too high to store energy and buffer.

  4. The hydraulic system is oil-free, and the log splitter works in an oil-free state.

  5. The stop valve or the sealing ring of the oil cylinder is damaged, and the oil pressure cannot be maintained.

  6. The log splitter one-way throttle valve is installed reversely, which causes the feeding roller to descend too fast.

  7. The anchor bolts are not tightened.

  8. The discharging system is blocked.