Site Requirements For Forest King Log Splitter Installation

  The installation of the forest king log splitter is the first and very important step in the production of the machine, which is related to the long-term work and production situation. The installation of various machinery has certain requirements on the site. Different machines have different requirements on the installation site. Does this article explain what are the site requirements for installing the forest king log splitter? What are the installation precautions?

  The basic requirement of the forest king log splitter installation site is that the foundation should be stable and stable under outdoor conditions. Because the machine will vibrate during work, if the foundation is not good, the ground will be pushed out of a pit or The bottom side of the machine is pushed in to cause the imbalance of the entire machine. In order to better to develop for a long time, you need to lay the foundation, just like building a house. To build a house, you must lay the foundation first. If it is In the case of indoor work, please ensure that the length of the room cannot be less than 5 meters and the height is not less than 2.5 meters. The height and width of the forest king log splitter are of a certain size. It is necessary to ensure that there is a certain space around the machine. In this way, the operation will not appear to be troublesome when working. The overall layout of the forest king's wood splitter installation environment also needs to be planned. The position of the discharge and the feed, and the surrounding machines and raw materials are all certain. Regularly, it is mainly planned in advance so that production will not be troublesome. After the machine is installed, it needs to be tested. This step must be carried out to test the production output and stability of the machine and the working conditions of various parts of the machine.