Ten Elements Of Comprehensive Petrol Log Splitter Detection

I do n’t know how much you know about the detection and processing of the comprehensive Petrol Log Splitter. Let ’s take a closer look with you:
1. The scraper chain is tight, and the scraper and screws must be fully tightened.
2. The trolley of the loader must be stable and reliable.
3. When the loader bridge body is turned on in some cases, there should be no abnormal sound in the operation of each part, and the scraper, chain, and connecting ring should be free of twist, twist, twist, and distortion.
4. The connecting parts of the motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, tail, and other parts must be complete, intact and fastened. Reducer and hydraulic shaft joints shall be free of oil leakage and oil leakage, and the amount of oil shall be appropriate.
5, the signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal is not allowed to start. The spray sprinkler must be intact.
6. The power cables and operating wires of the integrated Petrol Log Splitter must be neatly hung without being squeezed.
7. Clean the coal, vermiculite, and sundries near the machine head, motor, and reducer.
8. The overlap between the working surface scraper conveyor head and the transfer machines tail should be appropriate.
9. Roadway supports must be intact and firm.
10. It is necessary to ensure the safety protection net and protection device of the comprehensive Petrol Log Splitter, which is not deformed and ineffective, safe and reliable.