The Correct Operation Method Of Chipper Shredder

  The wood crusher is a new type of wood crusher produced by our company. It is improved equipment based on the traditional wood crusher. The disc sawdust machine and the hammer crusher are combined to combine the functional characteristics of the two machines to make the machine function The application range is wider and more powerful. A chipper shredder can process wood, twigs, various woods, and other raw materials into a sawdust machine at one time. It has the characteristics of low investment, high productivity, low energy consumption, good economic effect, and easy maintenance.

  The whole set of wood crusher equipment is driven only by motor, compact layout, low price, low energy consumption, simple structure, stable work, high output, good quality of sawdust, low processing cost, and can also be used for corn stalks, bamboo, sorghum straw, and thatch Chips of other fiber straw materials. Through the unremitting efforts of Lugang Machinery, the wood crusher combines domestic and foreign experience and technology to develop a wood crusher suitable for crushing various materials, also known as branch crusher, edible fungus crusher, etc.

    This machine combines the advantages of traditional crushers and has been improved and processed on this basis. Combined with hammer crusher and disc sawdust machine, the workmanship is fine and the machine performance is improved. This equipment can process bark, wood, branches, and other raw materials into sawdust at one time. It is simple and convenient, suitable for the majority of people. It can not only use the above materials but also cut fiber rod materials such as bamboo and corn stalks.

    Chipper shredder is mainly used for branches, wood, and crop stalks. It will inevitably be blocked when crushed, and the blockage is often caused by improper operation. Therefore, the correct use of the shredder is very important. When using the equipment, it should not be arbitrarily and should be carried out under the relevant operating procedures. The blockage of the wood crusher is mostly caused by man, and the operation of the machine is not carried out under the relevant regulations. Of course, it may also be the problem of the machine itself, and the problem of the machine design can also cause blockage.