The Solution To Vibration When Log Splitter Is In Use

  In the wood processing industry, log splitter plays a very important role, and the market demand is great. But in the process of use, when there is a failure, what is the cause of the excessive vibration? how to solve this problem?

  1. The log splitter is not in the horizontal position, and the machine is not stable when it is working, causing excessive vibration. Solution: Check whether the machine is placed horizontally. Put it on the surface of the machine with a spirit level, and check whether the machine is in a horizontal position.

  2. The pulley and belt are loose. Solution: Check whether the contact between the belt and the pulley is too loose or too tight. If the belt is too loose or too tight, the vibration of the machine will increase. Please replace the pulley.

  3. The equipment screws are loose or damaged. Solution: Check whether the screws of the connecting parts of the chip conveyor are loose or damaged, loosen and tighten them, and replace them if they are damaged.

  four. The transmission and connecting rod are damaged (such as spindle bearing damage), and the resonance caused by high-speed rotation causes excessive vibration. Solution: Check whether the transmission device of the log splitter, such as the bearing, main shaft, and linkage shaft, is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it immediately.

  The above is the failure phenomenon caused by excessive vibration during the log splitter, and the solution. If the vibration phenomenon is not resolved, the original factory should be sent to the original factory for maintenance to prevent equipment damage.