Use Of Forest King Log Splitter Blades

    1. When using the forest king log splitter, the feeding staff should be careful, such as iron nails, metal blocks, and other materials can not enter the machine, otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the blade, and even cause card jamming;
    2. When adjusting the blade, you must be careful to avoid hitting the blade of a certain part of the machine and damaging the sharpness of the blade;
    3. When replacing new blades, make sure that the blades have the same length and the same quality, and avoid that the blades are too long or heavy and light, which will cause the imbalance of the rotor in the machine, so that the machine will produce noise and vibration during production. After replacing the blade, be sure to check the screws on the upper blade to ensure that the screws have been tightened to prevent the screws from loosening and falling off in future production;
    Fourth, it is important to buy high-quality wear-resistant blades when buying blades. Only with good quality blades can they last longer. If you have done the above, ensure that your forest king log splitter does not need to change blades frequently to achieve the purpose of longer use.