Wear Form Of Chipper Shredder

  Wear and tear will appear after using the chipper shredder for a long time. If it is not solved or prevented in time, the higher the degree of wear, the greater the damage to the equipment. Once the equipment wears out to a certain degree, it will directly lead to equipment failure, thereby affecting the progress of use. To solve the problem of wear, we must first understand the form of chipper shredder wear.

  1. Abrasive wear: In the friction process, the phenomenon that hard particles or protrusions cause the material to fall is called abrasive wear.

  2. Surface fatigue wear: Fatigue wear refers to the phenomenon of friction on the surface of the chipper shredder. At the same time, alternating contact stresses will produce major microcracks on the surface, and this phenomenon will continue to develop. Material particles fall off. For example, on the surface of the rolling element of its rolling bearing, small pits or similar pits often appear near the index circle of the gear tooth surface, the contact surface of the track and the wheel, and so on. Subject to typical surface fatigue and wear.

  3. Corrosion and wear: When rubbing two surfaces in a corrosive environment (gas or liquid), the chipper shredder surface will produce reaction products. The bonding force between the reaction product and the surface is weak, and it is usually worn out due to continuous friction. After abrasion, the bare gold will quickly generate new reactants, and repeatedly form corrosion and wear. The fundamental difference between it and general chemical corrosion is that the latter has no friction.

  4. Parts fatigue wear: fatigue damage caused by alternating stress. The main difference between fatigue wear and component fatigue damage is that the former has friction and wear, plastic deformation, and heat generation on the surface, and is affected by liquid lubricating media. The latter is mainly caused by alternating stress, which leads to fatigue damage.

  Once the user has checked that the chipper shredder has worn out, he should deal with it immediately. If the solution is delayed, the friction of the equipment will gradually increase and the degree of wear will deepen until a bigger problem occurs. Especially when operating in harsh environments, more attention should be paid to wear and tear, which can also avoid equipment instability.