What Are The Requirements For A High-quality Log Splitter

  The log splitter is a new, large-scale wood crushing equipment developed specifically for waste formwork, bamboo sheets, shelves, brackets, pallets, etc. on construction sites. So what are the requirements for a high-quality log splitter? Today we will take you to understand.

  1. Intuitively, first look at whether the thickness of the entire mechanical shell has reached 10mm. This is the most basic condition for evaluating a log splitter. The template crushers produced by our factory are all above 20mm, which ensures the principle of durable, stable, strong, and heavy machinery.

  2. Looking at the metal removal capability of the log splitter, if this machine does not achieve a nail removal rate of 90%, then this machine is not a qualified product.

  3. Look at the smoothness of the log splitter operation. If a qualified product works for 3 hours continuously, there will be no problem such as jamming noise. It should be noted that the feeding must be uniform and regular. If the material larger than the feeding port is fed into the shell, it will easily jam and cause the motor load to cause heat and other problems.

  4. In terms of normal consumption of wearing parts, general accessories can be used for 5 or 6 months. Our factory has independently developed high-precision, high-hardness, and high-density blades, and the wearing parts are more conducive to the uniform rules and durability of the materials, which can reach 1 year, depending on the hardness of the broken material.

  Therefore, everyone must choose a professional manufacturer when buying a log splitter, so as to ensure the quality and service life of the equipment.