What Does You Pay Attention To When Chipper Shredder Moves?

  When many people use chipper shredder, they sometimes encounter such problems. What if the equipment is far from the raw material? Be there anything inconvenient for mobile devices? You can rest assured that there is no problem with free mobile devices. Our main purpose is to improve efficiency, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and ensure that it is more convenient to use.

  The automatic operation of wood machines are the first step in saving manpower and money. You can move it if you are inconvenient or too far away from the incoming material warehouse.

  However, in the process of moving, the foundation needs to be established first. Before building the foundation, site planning must be done, and the chipper and shredder sites must be planned. Because its structure is simple, but the configuration of the fuselage is the same. This machine is composed of body, knife roller, loading and unloading roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system, and other parts. High-strength steel plates are welded in the body, which is the supporting foundation of the whole machine.

  The knife roller is equipped with two, three or four flying knives, and the flying knife is fixed on the knife roller by a special flying knife bolt on a pressing block. Depending on the thickness of the woodwork machine cutting material, the hydraulic system can be used to make the upper roller bearing float up and down within a certain range. Qualify crumbs fall from the sieve openings and drain from the bottom. Big chips will be cut in the machine.

  In order for us to better operate the equipment, when we use it, we must master the skills of using chipper and shredder while saving manpower and material resources, which is very helpful for our operation.