What Is The Cause Of The Log Splitter Blockage?

  If the log splitter is blocked, it is easy to cause excessive damage to the machinery and equipment, then it will have a great impact on the efficiency of use when it is used. Let's carry out a simple analysis below to explain the log splitter blockage in detail. In this way, correct judgments and solutions can be made in a time when problems are encountered. here we come to find out

  When log splitter is in operation and production because I am afraid that the internal cavity of the equipment will be blocked, the occurrence of such a day will not only affect the production process of the entire production line, if the problem is serious, it may also cause the machine to fail to operate due to material blockage. In this case, it will also increase manpower and material resources to clean up the boring blockage. The cleaning work is more troublesome and time-consuming and laborious. Most customers are struggling to solve the problem of material clogging and try various methods to control the frequent occurrence of such things. So when facing such a problem, when we solve the log splitter blockage problem, we must first find out what is causing the material blockage in the equipment cavity and find out where the root cause is. If this is the case, it will be much easier to solve. As the saying goes, it is better to cure the symptoms than cure the root cause and cure the root cause is the last word.

  Generally speaking, the reasons for the blockage of the material in the log splitter can be roughly divided into three categories.

  The first type of reason is that there is too much material conveyed to the inner cavity of the equipment. Too much material is very easy to cause high-load work of the crushing equipment. A large number of materials are torn and squeezed together by the cutter head. This situation is easy to happen. Stuffing problem

  The second type of reason is that the electric power of the log splitter equipment is insufficient, and the power of the motor is the source of the transmission power. Too low motor power will cause insufficient power and cause the crushing equipment to fail to operate and work normally;

  The third reason is the problem of the reducer. The reducer is a reduction device between the motor and the log splitter. The main purpose is to control the power of the motor and adjust the transmission power according to the production law of the crushing device to ensure that the crusher can be In normal operation, if the speed control of the reducer is too slow, the power transmitted to the crushing equipment will be insufficient. This situation will cause the internal cutter head and other parts of the equipment to reduce the operating speed because they cannot receive more power. Incoming materials cannot be broken during the crushing process, and material blockage is easy to occur.

  Therefore, according to the three categories summarized above, it can be controlled and solved one by one to ensure the normal operation of the machinery and material crushing.

  When a log splitter solves the congestion problem, it is mainly handled according to the actual situation. The root cause can be found first, and then specific analysis can be made according to the corresponding failure. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in maintenance and overhaul in time. Oh, discover and eliminate such problems in time.