What Should I Do When The Rapid Splitter Works

  The rapid splitter may be used improperly for a long time, or it may be misplaced due to the long-term operation of the equipment, which may cause some parts to be inaccurately positioned or worn out during work. It is possible, then a typical problem is about its leakage, what should I do in this case? What are the causes?

  main reason:

  1. The rapid splitter's screen positioning is not accurate, the positioning ring is seriously worn or deformed, causing the material to run away and fly, and there is a gap between the screen and the machine.

  2. The screen is severely worn, with cracks or gaps. rapid splitter

  3 Inadvertently inputs debris to break the screen.

  Treatment method: replace its screen to solve the leakage. During the production process, pay attention to constantly observe the wear of various parts of the rapid splitter, and handle the wear-in time

  When the rapid splitter leaks, let us not panic, as long as it is handled properly, it can still be used, not only to restore the original work efficiency, but also to better protect the equipment, so when dealing with problems, we must After careful inspection, have you learned the above simple methods?