What To Do About Rust In Chipper Shredder's Accessories

  The chipper shredder can cut pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir and other kinds of logs, hairy bamboo into uniform pieces, but also to the board veneer, veneer, bamboo branch wood, corn stalks, cotton stalks, reeds, and other non-wood fiber rods and other various materials for slicing processing, after a long time of use chipper shredder, must not avoid the consequences of its rust, even if the long-term idle, not applicable, if the preservation method is not correct will also have rust appear.

  Once the rust is visible to the naked eye as a whole, we should be aware that the rust problem has long existed in the internal parts of this equipment. This greatly reduces the efficiency of the equipment, which in turn affects the user's production schedule, so rust should be addressed as soon as it occurs.

  1, rinse: rinse with tap water, generally tap water will contain a certain amount of acid, and the acid in the tap water will react with the rust, this will make the chipper shredder accessories and accessories between a certain gap, so as to achieve the purpose of rust removal.

  2、Manual rust removal: with diamond sand cloth, scraper, hammer chisel, steel wire brush, and other tools, with a manual knock, shovel, steel wire brush rust layer, with cotton sand to wipe away rust dust before use.

  3、Ultrasonic: the use of ultrasonic oscillation of mechanical energy to make the rust removal liquid in the production of countless small bubbles, these small bubbles in the formation, growth, and closure of the formation of a strong mechanical force, so that the chipper shredder accessories on the surface of the oxidized skin, rust and dirt quickly detach, thus accelerating the process of rust removal, thus removing rust.

  4、Rust remover: you can buy some rust remover to clean the accessories, so as to remove the surface of rust.

  5、Chemical immersion: Immerse the parts in the corresponding rust removal solution, and use the chemical reaction of acid, alkali and other chemicals in the solution with the oxidized skin and rust products on the surface of the parts, so that the oxidized skin and rust products can be dissolved into the solution, thus playing the purpose of rust removal.

  6、Sandblasting: the metal surface adhesion impurities, rust layer and remove all, after sandblasting treatment of the surface, to provide good mechanical adhesion of the coating film.

  The chipper shredder's various accessories appear rust causes, degree, etc. will be different, so the solution should also be based on the actual to choose, do not arbitrarily use a certain method, first of all, should check the rust condition of their own equipment accessories, then strictly choose the rust removal method, so as to better ensure the effect of rust removal. The product discharge rules, high yield. It is the ideal equipment for paper mills, artificial board, medium fiberboard, and other industrial production of material preparation section and various types of wood chip production base.