Which Two Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Log Splitter

  There are many types of log splitter on the market, a log splitter is different, its use quality and effect are also different, the important thing when buying a log splitter is that we must know, every detail of log splitter, and pay attention to which The hardware conditions are what a good log splitter should have.

  Log splitter equipment can be used for crushing wood, but log splitter can only be handier if it is ready to use log splitter. It requires a series of preparations before use. So what kind of work is the log splitter need to do before using it?

  Here,Superpower made a comprehensive summary of you. Matters needing attention: Before using the log splitter, first connect the waterway and close the observation doors. Start the trial operation once or twice, and then idle for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes of operation, start the feeding system to feed. When stopping the machine, stop the feeding first, then stop the machine, then stop the discharge system, and turn off the water cooling system of the machine.

  The feed particle size must be controlled within 1 mm. Before starting the machine, check the tightness of the belt. If it is not suitable, adjust the material distribution cone. Iron pieces are not allowed to enter the wood shredder to avoid damage to the rotor. Before each start, the upper and lower bearings on the spindle device should be filled with appropriate grease.

  Many users do not know what kind of log splitter is suitable for their wood raw materials when consulting. Next, we will introduce what kind of wood is used and what kind of wood crushing opportunities are better. Everyone knows that there are trees in the place where we live, some are old trees, and there are some construction templates that are not needed on the construction site. If your raw material is some fruit trees, greening pruned branches can use us The mobile branch shredder produced is easy to operate and can be moved to any place.