Why Does The Log Splitter Case Have A Knocking Sound?

  During the use of a log splitter, any minor problems will directly affect the use of the equipment. Therefore, the log splitter must ensure a good use effect to meet the needs of users, but the log splitter is only a device after all, and some problems will occur more or less during use. When the log splitter has problems, the key is to find a solution.

  We received a call from a user asking what's wrong with the knocking sound of the log splitter case, and what solutions are there? Our experts have analyzed and concluded that, first of all, our tools are all new, and there is no problem. There are very few reasons for this phenomenon. As long as we carefully check, we can find the cause.

  1. The host is fed with hard materials such as iron and stones;

  2. There is a phenomenon of loosening of screws in the machine.

  It is recommended to log splitter users and friends to open the machine cover after our host is shut down to find and remove foreign objects. If we fail to remove the foreign objects in time, it will cause damage to the cutter and the crushing cavity for a long time. Therefore, to prevent entry during feeding For things like iron blocks, magnets can be installed at the feed port to reduce iron blocks from entering the host, so that your log splitter equipment will have a longer service life.