Causes Of Wood Splitter Seal Damage

  The use of log splitters, also known as wood chippers, is closely related to the production of wood, so dust is inevitably generated during the production process. If dust enters the equipment, it will affect the use of the equipment. At this point, the sealing device provides good protection.

  I. Deformation of seals

  Deformation force: The wood machine may be working with a stronger force to collapse the deformation, causing the original full seal to occur when the deformation of the sealing equipment that will cause the seal member to fail.

  2, improper installation: in the installation, maintenance, replacement of the equipment, seals, because there is no installation of incorrectly caused by the local problems of different deformation of the seals, resulting in system failure.

  3, Poor lubrication: dust particles or mixtures of ores of metal-prone frictional components, such as at high temperatures and over long periods, may cause deterioration in flowability, with said seal members having increased local deformation resistance.

  II. Damaged seals

  1, serious wear and tear of seals: There is also one is through the equipment in the process of work in the enterprise due to improper technical operation methods and other reasons for analysis of the wear and tear of seals, if not dealt with promptly may be due to the serious impact of wear and tear caused by the seal failure.

  2. Seal aging: rubber seal in the process of use may be affected by oil, temperature, time factors, coupled with the material selection of the manufacturing seal may be different from the aging phenomenon, so that the seal body loses elasticity, so that the sealing state changes, leading to the failure of the equipment seal.

  We know that there are only two reasons for the seal failure caused by the above description of the wood splitter, one is the problem of operating the equipment itself is incorrect, so we use the wood chip machine if you encounter any problems that can be operated according to the above description.